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ISBN: 9783701734368

Erschienen am 04. Juli 2017.

Marianne Dorfer
Christopher Unterkofler
Manfred Kiwek

The Home of the Sound of Music Family
Villa Trapp Salzburg

The Home of the Sound of Music Family

The true story told by Maria von Trapp
Written by Marianne Dorfer and Christopher Unterkofler, illustrated by Manfred Kiwek

Maria Franziska von Trapp was the one who locked the front door when the family left for America in 1938. Seventy years later she returned to open the Villa once again together with Marianne Dorfer and Christopher Unterkofler. For Maria the true story of the family at the Villa Trapp was a big concern, it should be told and made known to posterity. This book is meant to fulfill her desire, it tells the story of the Villa based on the memories of Maria von Trapp.



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