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160 pages
Format 210x235 Hardcover
EUR 29,90 / sFr 52,20
ISBN: 3701730237
ISBN: 9783701730230

published in August 2006

Petra Rainer (Fotografin)
Christine Haiden

Perhaps I am a Miracle. Conversations with 100 year-old people

Alice Herz-Sommer has met Franz Kafka, she survived the concentration camp Theresienstadt together with her son, lives in London and still plays the piano – three hours a day until today. Baron Lothar von Sternbach, a self-confident South Tyrolean, did not sign the option for Nazi-Germany in 1941. Renate Brausewetter was a silent film star and Günther Schwab an early environmentalist. Leopold Engleitner had to spend several years in a concentration camp for his religious beliefs and Aloisia Werner chose a career in a religious order eighty years ago. Anna Wohlfahrt experienced what it once meant to have an illegitimate child as an unwed parlor maid and Warda Bleser-Bircher was one of the first women to promote in geology at the University of Zurich.

Christine Haiden (text) and Petra Rainer (photography) visited men and women well advanced in years. They met willful and amiable personalities, who all tell of a turbulent piece of contemporary history in their own way.

Christine Haiden is editor in chief of the magazine "Welt der Frau" (Woman's World).
Petra Rainer particularly likes to take photos of people in their own surroundings.
Together they have published the book "Gartenmenschen. Sammler, Gestalter und Enthusiasten" (2005) (Garden people. Collectors, designers and enthusiasts).


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