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178 pages
Format 120x205 Hardcover
EUR 14,90 / sFr 26,00
ISBN: 3701714738
ISBN: 9783701714735

published in Januar 2007

Günter Brus

Sharing the Secret

A group of men and women sets off to a country without name, and their adventures are recounted, told, or, in other words, dreamed up in this book.

press commentary

Günter Brus writing goes beyond genre borders (…) protocol, drama, vision and travelogue overlap and alternate in a playful way. With „Sharing the Secret“, artistic energy is turned into fantastic weightlessness. – Salzburger Nachrichten

...a novel of a rare kind. Strangely archaic, it yet bursts all contemporary borders of preconceived opinion. The caleidoscope starts turning after the first few pages, and in its whirling multitude, the reader is hit by cascades of imagery and ideas.– Die Presse

Like an automatic writing, bizarre neologisms and somersaulting thoughts lead into a more and more meaningless nowhere (…) Games of any kind find their meaning in themselves. The authors jests are an explosion of dream vision and colour. – Neue Zürcher Zeitung


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