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Rights sold: Book Club (German), Paperback (German)

208 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 33,80

ISBN: 9783701714803
ISBN ebook: 9783701743056

published in Februar 2008

Alois Brandstetter

A Vandal is no Hun

Unscramble the code!
Alois Brandstetter investigates in the secret world of graffiti.

“Korks” says the writing on the wall, over there, and there again, and there and there... Is it a code? A message? Or just a signature? Like a detective, Alois Brandstetter starts to track down meaning and origin of the graffito and adds his philosophic thoughts on manifestations of youth culture, resistance or simply the sweetness of forbidden fruit. But what is the motivation behind these markings? Starting from Josef Kyselak, the Austrian ancestral graffiti writer who even left his mark on the emperor’s desk, Brandstetter describes his personal struggle with the adversities of life. And there are reasons abound for irritation: from compulsory wearing of helmets to higher speed limits, from social injustice to the alleged right on individual freedom, from Günter Grass to...
While chasing “Korks”, Brandstetter draws an extensive picture of our society today. The world of graffiti artists, however, remains mysterious... An eloquent, funny and witty companion through the empire of the “unknown vandals”.

Alois Brandstetter, born in 1939 in Pichl, lives and works as a freelance writer in Klagenfurt. Numerous awards; f.e. the Wilhelm-Raabe-Prize 1984, the Heinrich-Gleißner-Prize 1994, the Adalbert-Stifter-Prize and the Cultural Prize of Upper Austria 2005.


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