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96 pages
Format 140x220 Klappenbroschur
EUR 12,90 / sFr 24,00

ISBN: 9783701714810

published in September 2007

Thomas Brussig

Referee Fertig. A Litany.

Welcome to the vale of tears.
A referee explains his view on the world before going out on the field to blow the whistle in the finals. His finals.

The great satirist Thomas Brussig slips into the role of a referee and reflects on life. How does it feel to get booed by 80,000 people? How does it feel to be surrounded by liars, dodgers and cheaters who look innocent in one second and suffer in the next, just as tactics require it in the 90 minutes of a game? How does it feel to catch attention by making mistakes only (for only wrong decisions spur discussions)?
The tragedy of the impartial is that he has to stay neutral in a world where passion is contagious, and remain an amateur among highly paid professionals. And why exactly are referees expected to be just, when nobody believes in justice anyway?
This book by Thomas Brussig is the first of a new series by Residenz Verlag: A Litany.

Thomas Brussig was born in 1956 in Berlin where he also lives as an author and screenwriter. Wrote the award-winning script for Sonnenallee (with Leander Haußmann, 1999), winner of the Hans-Fallada-Preis (2000) and the Carl-Zuckmayer-Medaille (2005). Publications: Helden wie wir (Heroes like us), Sonnenallee, Wie es leuchtet (How it shines), Die Berliner Orgie (The Berlin Orgy).


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