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144 pages
Format 115x165 Hardcover
EUR 12,90 / sFr 22,70

ISBN: 9783701714889

published in Februar 2008

Roger Köppel (Herausgeber)

May I do this? Serious answers to dubious questions.

It can always get more embarrassing...
Accept my advice: Read this book – it’s fun!

There are plenty of books on etiquette and good manners, but who can help you out in really tricky situations? This book – it focuses on some basic settings and gives expert advice on how to avoid the most common faux pas.
It addresses serious issues like:

May I, as a reputable businessman, use a ring tone on my cell phone? If yes, which one?
May I help a lady who’s getting up in front of me for standing ovations at the opera if here dress has become wedged between her buttocks?
May I load CDs on my iPod before giving them to friends as Christmas presents?
May I deliberately kill a healthy, but exuberantly growing plant? If yes, how?

Roger Köppel was born in Zurich in 1965. He is a journalist and chief editor and publisher of Swiss newspaper Die Weltwoche. Before, he has worked as chief editor for German daily newspaper Die Welt.


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