Foreign Rights → Title ListDogs Are Flying Low

Rights sold: Paperback (German), Polish, Bulgarian (Original Edition)

416 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 22,00 / sFr 39,00

ISBN: 9783701714926
ISBN ebook: 9783701744725

published in September 2008

Alek Popov

Dogs Are Flying Low

From dog walker to millionaire, from millionaire to dropout: two brothers from Bulgaria seek their fortune in America and, at least, find their father's ashes.

A small black box full of ashes is all that Ned and Ango, two very different brothers from Bulgaria, have left of their father. It has been 15 years since their father, a mathematician hovering between genius and madness, died under mysterious circumstances in America as a visiting professor. Meanwhile, both of the two sons lead their own lives and their father has long been nothing more than a ghost. Until the paths of the two brothers cross, far from their homeland, in New York. Ned, the good-for-nothing, has made it to the top on Wall Street while Ango, the smart one, walks dogs for snobs in Central Park. But then the tide turns and the ghost of their father suddenly comes to life once more. Or at least more than both of them are comfortable with…

Alek Popov does away with old fairytales. His new novel was at number one for weeks in the bestseller lists in Bulgaria. It is a satire of gold diggers in the West and the East, of the yearning for happiness shared by successful people and underdogs, and of the wrong impressions we immediately form of each other when a world divides us. East or West, top or bottom, dead or alive: let us be brothers! Racy, witty and damned biting. Woof!


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