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320 pages
Format 250x305 Hardcover
EUR 49,90 / sFr 84,00

ISBN: 9783701730896

published in Februar 2008

Wieland Schmied
Erika Schmied (Fotografin)

Thomas Bernhard: Life and Works in Picture and Text

FOR MANY DECADES, AND UNTIL HIS DEATH IN 1989, Thomas Bernhard was the dominating personality in Austrian contemporary literature. His literature is unthinkable without his environment. It is characteristically Austrian, and belongs firmly in the ranks of world literature. He was available and he was public as none of his colleagues were, while he was also considered to be a loner and unapproachable. Everyone talked about him, and yet he was unknown.

Erika and Wieland Schmied are two of the few people privileged to experience Thomas Bernhard in private, as a neighbour and friend. Their image of Thomas Bernhard is built on the memories of innumerable encounters and shared experiences, and is documented with unrivalled completeness in hundreds of photographs.

The photos, characterful and unsentimental in equal measure, give an insight into Bernhard's environment, the houses and landscapes in which he lived. However, they also convey an impression of the places he wrote about. In short, the authors have created a comprehensive overview of Thomas Bernhard's cosmos, pervaded throughout by his life and work.

Erika Schmied , born in 1935, studied graphic arts and art history in Hamburg. Together with her husband Wieland Schmied, born in 1929, she published three illustrated books at Residenz Verlag. Wieland Schmied is professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and published books about the art of the 19th and 20th century.


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