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176 pages
Format 140x220 Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 9783701714964

published in März 2008

Kurt Palm

The Hot Battle of Lausanne

The miracle of Bern? Germany, a summer fairy tale? The hot battle of Lausanne outshines everything. Kurt Palm recounts.

Lausanne, June 26th, 1954: At 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, the teams of Austria and Switzerland meet in the final of the World Cup 1954. Austria is considered as the favourite, 32.000 Swiss fans heat up the spirits. Kurt Schmied, the Austrian goalkeeper, has a sunstroke but is not allowed to be substituted and wobbles between the posts. What happened then is legendary: One wouldn’t believe it if it hasn’t been historical for long. The game ended 7:5. Today it doesn’t matter for whom: both teams made history with it. It’s the game that preceded the miracle of Bern and at the same time outshades it: 5 goals in 10 minutes, 12 goals in total – there have never been more goals in a Word Cup game. The record is unbeaten to this day. Kurt Palm reports the story of those 90 minutes and tells stories around the game and its protagonists. He creates a lively picture of the period and reminds of a hisorical event that of all people involved Kurt Schmied, the hero of the game, couldn’t remember anymore after the final whistle.

Kurt Palm, born in 1955 in Upper Austria. Activities in his youth as an altar server and centre forward of SV Timelkam. Studied German language and literature and journalism in Salzburg. Several publications (e.g. about Bert Brecht, Joyce and Stifter), films (e.g. Mozart, Phettberg). Loves fried trout.


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