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440 pages
Format 165x240 Hardcover
EUR 24,90 / sFr 42,90

ISBN: 9783701730834

published in März 2008

Andrea Karrer

Fresh Food. Vegetarian food always goes…even served with meat and fish!

…diverse and healthy!

VEGETABLES MAKE COOKING COLOURFUL in every way. Nothing else can be so easily combined, nothing else brings as much variety as vegetables do. Not only are they the perfect match for meat and fish, they are also an integral part of every world cuisine, whether Mediterranean, Asian or Mexican.
Andrea Karrer pays homage to these and many more of their fantastic qualities in her new, comprehensive cookery book.
Arranging the book by season to suit the current trend towards using regional products, she inspires us to put old favourites in a completely new setting. Creative starters, new ideas for salads and quick soups form a framework around the meat and fish combinations. She also conjures up sophisticated desserts using vegetables! The great attraction is that with every vegetarian recipe there is an idea for adding variety with meat or fish.
Discover a new appetite for vegetables - enjoy!

Andrea Karrer , born in 1963, is a versatile ambassador of Austrian culinary traditions. She has a weekly radio show, writes newspaper columns, works with Austrian chef Christian Petz, appears on TV, writes wonderfully tempting cookbooks - and all these activities express her true passion: cooking.


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