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250 pages
Format 290x260 Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 9783701731183

published in September 2010

Joseph Heer

Mainly White

The work of the artist Joseph Heer, who lives in Vienna and in Mallorca, has been on a journey of research and discovery since the mid-1980s. The focus of Heer's oeuvre is on something fundamental, authentic and truthful. The question is how one can continually attempt to create something new on the basis of a never-changing foundation.

There is, as it happens with all great artists, something peculiar and different in Joseph Heer’s painting. It is not only his poetic and sensorial treatment of the suggestive materiality of white, but, mainly, his vision of the mysterious deepness of painted thoughts. It invites us to enter mental landscapes. Nude painting.

“Mainly White” represents three exceptional series of Heer`s paintings: “Temps”, “Perspectiva Prozessualis” and “Soft Bay”. The essays encluded are written by the famous critics and independent curators Pilar Ribal, Christoph Doswald and David Galloway. They demonstrate that Joseph Heer’s paintings constitute a categorical and meaningful contribution to international abstraction.


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