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160 pages
Format 200x240 Klappenbroschur
EUR 24,90 / sFr 44,00

ISBN: 9783701731169

published in September 2008

Denise Amann

Triple Meal

Saucy - fresh - exciting! The cookbook by the maybe wildest and for sure most creative cook of the country.

“Frankly tastes best”: Denise Amann’s approach to cooking sounds as modest as her cuisine is exciting. No matter if she conjures biologically in her restaurant “noi” or hosts imaginative evenings for her friends: The country of origin doesn’t matter, if it is India, China, France or Vorarlberg. The main thing is to be honest.

The occasion for her invitations are incidents, moods or colours: “Spring is in the air”, “Comforter” or “Commissar Rosso”, that’s what the topics are. In Triple Meal, 25 meals in three courses full of fantasy and taste are to discover, every meal with a different slogan. That way, for example in the menu “inspired: coriander continent” a special taste is celebrated; thereby, Denise Amann imparts additionally a sense for the ideal combination. In turn, in “a whiff of classic” she cultivates the art of a specific cooking-understatement: a great menu if you want to cook for patriarchal personalities without having to spend three days in the kitchen...

Want to bet: There is more than one reason to spoil your friends? At least three times 25.

Denise Amann , born in 1979 in Bregenz, didn’t take the traditional route to gastronomy. She always cooked as an autodidact, first in Switzerland, then in France. From her many trips to Asia she brought culinary knowledge to her home country. In 2005 she opened her restaurant “noi” in Vienna. Since recently she can also be seen on Austrian TV: “Wild Cooking – Everybody can cook!”


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