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224 pages
Format 196x254 Broschur
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ISBN: 9783701731152

published in August 2008

Johannes Gutmann

On the Sunny Side

Herbs are a sensory experience. No matter if fresh or dried, they should be in every kitchen and be part of every tea and every therapy. Johannes Gutmann has been proving for 20 years that herbs can also spread delight and joy. As a young man he began to make high-spirits-tea out of herbs, went with his “one-man-show” to trade shows and markets and invented the company “Sonnentor”.

He decided for the sunny side of life. And because enjoying is the main part of it, he familiarises us with his treasures also in form of a book: You get a sound overview of herbs and spices, their origins and effects apart from dry technical knowledge. His culinary know-how inspires to experiment. Inventive, sophisticated recipes and a fine knowledge of tea bring completely new tastes into your kitchen. Articles about the history of spices and about important experts of herbs make this book inspiring. When you read the practical advice about herbs from popular medicine you know why this book should be on your kitchen shelf in every case. Pictures full of atmosphere and the story of a very individual path of life complete the herbal walk.

Johannes Gutmann was born in 1965 in Lower Austria as the son of a farmer. In 1988 he founded “Sonnentor“, a company for the regional and international marketing of herbal specialities from the farmers of his native Waldviertel region under the logo of the smiling sun. Twenty years later, the company employs 100 people and offers 600 products. Fortune obviously favours the bold! Johannes Gutmann is original in his ideas and has a sense for success. He lives the virtues that make a good life possible: Fairness, partnership, courage, creativity, and humour.


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