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208 pages
Format 140x220 Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 9783701731312

published in Februar 2009

Klaus Woltron

Capitalism’s Perestroika
The call for a change in the system

Is the capital exhausting its own descendants? Where does economy navigate to and how can we change the heading?

Recent developments in economy make it clear: Farreaching changes in the neoliberal system are in process. So immensely farreaching that even the most dedicated supporters of the free market economy call the state to help and realize that their strategies have to be reconsidered.

But not only did speculations on the stockmarket and fraud undermine neoliberalism. The causes for this crisis are rooted far deeper and the crucial question is this: What has to be changed in our economy and system of values to regain economical stability?
Not only government support, but also the demand for transparency, for planning on a longterm basis and for accepting responsibility for our future have to be discussed, as well as a mechanism that does not load the taxpayer with the costs for imprudence and short-sightedness, but those who caused them.

Klaus Woltron gave a well funded response to the financial crisis and suggests humane solutions: Because what economy needs are ethics and longterm thinking.


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