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144 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701715183
ISBN ebook: 9783701745074

published in Februar 2009

Adolf Holl

How to found a Religion?

A freethinker’s philosophical and smart manifest.

Buddha went to the woods, Jesus to the desert and Mohammed crouched down in a cave in order to carve a name to themselves. So, what does Adolf Holl do? At the hair dresser’s he links philosophy and literature with spiritual intellectual history only to find his way back to a profane lifestyle.

With “How To Found A Religion” the freethinker Adolf Holl drew up a manifesto. An essential, profound and affectionate one.
Intending to found a religion, Holl takes a wander through the history of religions, asking “why” – why a profession of faith?
The present day has sent the founders of our religions back to the desert and now a solution it is, what we need: a new religion!

Adolf Holl asks questions and searches for the answers. Only one thing he is sure of: The suitable religion is still to be found.

Ironically, funny as well as rich in content he describes his longing for a denomination that works and thus can be lived.

Adolf Holl , born 1930 in Vienna, in 1954 consecrated to be a priest. His book „Jesus in schlechter Gesellschaft“ (Jesus in bad company, 1971) was the cause for a conflict with the Catholic Church. In 1976 followed the suspension. Today hee works as writer and freelance publicist. Many awards, e. g. Österreichischer Staatspreis für Kulturpublizistik (Austrian National Prize for cultural journalism, 2003) and the Axel-Corti-Prize (2006).


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