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144 pages
Format 125x205 Klappenbroschur
EUR 14,90 / sFr 27,90

ISBN: 9783701731282

published in Februar 2009

Martin Leidenfrost

The dead in the river
The unsolved case Denisa S.

A slovakian elderly care nurse’s death and a story about the new Europe and its old boarders.

\"I think that one can not let this horrifying story rest, and I am sure that others feel the same as I do.\"
Elfriede Jelinek

“Everything started when I, an Austrian living in Slovakia, read about a Slovak who had been found dead in on of Austria’s rivers - naked.”

The last time Denisa Soltísová was seen alive, she was wandering around in an austrian city; it was January the 19th 2008, at night , only wearing underwear.
Days after this incident she was found – dead and naked. The 29-year-old woman was a collegegraduate, Slovak and worked round-the-clock as a elderly care nurse.
The police closed the case: “Suicide”.
Yet the autopsy, performed in Slovakia, showed traces of violence.

It is 700 kilometres from Ratkovská Lehota, where Desisa lived, to the place she died. Two different worlds that are parted by 700 kilometres, linked only by commuting busses, full of nurses. Two different worlds in which Martin Leidenfrost tracked the traces of one of them who will never return to the other side of the borders.


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