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ISBN: 9783701731381
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published in März 2009

Frank Schäfer

Woodstock ´69
The Legend

Those who want to understand the 60’s, have to understand Woodstock. This is the book about the legend, written by one of Germany’s best music editors.

“3 days of peace and music” it said on a red poster with a dove of peace painted on a stylized guitar. The newspaper advertisement that was placed all over the country at the same time was even more specific: “Just walk around for three days, without seeing skyscrapers or trafficlights. Let your kite fly, lie down in the sun. Prepare your meal on your own and breathe fresh air.” And the music: With Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Joan Baez and many others, this “Aquarian Exposition” was well-cast. And so it happened that on August 15th 1969 there were 400.000 to 500.000 people setting off to the Catskill Mountains.
Traffic came to a standstill, the supply situation was awful, there was nothing, except for dope. New York’s Governor threatened to declare a state of emergency, the whole world was expecting a catastrophe.

The hippie’s dream of love, peace, fraternity, ecstasy and transcendency came true for three whole days. There the counterculture had its last great celebration, in the face of Vietnam.
Woodstock is the hippie movement’s legendary culmination and at the same time its geatest possible gathering.

Frank Schäfer , born in 1966, works as writer, critic for music and literature in Braunschweig and wirtes for
"Rolling Stone", "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", "taz", "Titanic", "konkret" and others. Besides novels and narratives, diverse essay collections and non fictionals books, especially about literature and pop culture, have been published.


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