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256 pages
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ISBN: 9783701731350
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published in März 2009

Bernhard Flieher

Far, Far Away
The world of Hubert von Goisern

A very personal portrait following the tracks of the musical discoverer Herbert von Goisern.

In 1992 his song “Hiatamadl” made Hubert von Goisern famous, even outside austrian borders.
He was regarded as the most successful representative of “New Folk Music”, as the founder of so-called “Alp Rock”.
But the moment one could make out his positoin somewhere in between the different styles, he had already gone elsewhere – he parted and he arrived on his quest for the sound of the world. Since then he has kept reinventing himself again and again.

His quest led Hubert von Goisern “far, far away”, from Hallstadt to New York, from Bad Ischl to Timbuktu, from Salzburg to Dakar. And yet it always led him back to the heartland of the local traditions he livens up over and over again – namely with the experiences he makes on his journeys: not restlessly, but curiously and open mindedly.
Thus he has been true to himself until today - regarding his music, but also his social engagement.

Bernhard Flieher , born in 1969 in Schärding, lives in Salzburg. Since 1992 he works as culture journalist and columnist for the “Salzburger Nachrichten”. Publications with themes pop culture and music in various newspaper and magazines in Austria and abroad.


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