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208 pages
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ISBN: 9783701731480

published in September 2009

Paul Flieder

The Barber from Baghdad
Life, Death and Faith in Iraq

Beyond the walls of Baghdad: a captivating report on living in fear of terror.

The information we receive on the current security situation in Iraq is based on reports from the Green Zone in Baghdad, which, out of fear of terror attacks, is cut off from regular life by barricades, police and the military.

Paul Flieder left behind the Green Zone and traveled the country on his own, documenting his journey with a film camera. What interests him are the lives of regular people who have been forced to change their daily lives out of constant fear of terror attacks or harassment by the military. He tells us about a country whose people have been traumatized and face a future without hope. And yet, they have not lost their faith in god as they cope with their daily lives with courage and humor. Flieder does not rely on official statements by politicians or state officials, but instead speaks to the widows and orphans, victims of kidnappings and bombings, business people and theater groups, imams and police officers he encounters on the road – or in a barber shop in Baghdad.

Traveling without an escort through Mosul, Erbil, Kirkuk and Baghdad, he at times is confronted with difficult situations, which he can only escape from by acting valiantly at the right moment. His experiences paint an alarmingly clear picture of the actual security situation in Iraq at the time of US troop removal. A report on human tragedy in Iraq that holds back nothing.


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