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448 pages
Format 168x240 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 39,00

ISBN: 9783701731657

published in September 2009

Christoph Wagner
Toni Mörwald

The Sweet Cuisine
The Cookbook on Austrian Confection of Pastry

More than 75.000 copies sold!

Each and every cuisine has its own special characteristics – and talking about the Austrian cuisine, most of these specialities are sweet. Most times when complimenting dinner, the praise is for the dessert, on which a great deal is demanded. Desserts have to be sweet and light, seductive and nutrition-conscious, easy and nevertheless full of fantasy.

With “The sweet cuisine” Toni Mörwald has created a standard work of the contemporary Austrian sweet cuisine (more than 75.000 copies sold in Austria, Germany and Switzerland). His approved recipes have been turned into beautiful photographs by Ulrike Köb. Author and restaurant critic Christoph Wagner adds anecdotes and essays on merchandise knowledge. This makes the book a sweet and informative pleasure for reading. It is a perfect compendium which shows how to bring Austrian sweet cuisine into your own kitchen!

Toni Mörwald , born in 1967 in Feuersbrunn, Lower Austria, started cooking with Austrian chef Reinhard Gerer and later learned from numerous grand chefs around the world. At the age of 22 he was awarded his first Gault Millau toque and from then opened on restaurant after the other. He was nominated Cook of the Year in 2004, entered the list of Grande Chefs in 2006 and was named “Euro Toques Master Chef” in 2008. He teaches cooking and gives advice on cooking on Austrian radio and TV.

Christoph Wagner , born in 1954, restaurant critics and author of cook books, thriller and gourmet-columns. Together with Ewald Plachutta he is author of the bestseller “The good cuisine”.


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