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560 pages
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ISBN: 9783701731794
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published in Februar 2010

Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler

Lines and Ruptures
Lectures on Austrian literature from 1945 – 1990

Post-World War II literature in Austria, from Ilse Aichinger to Christoph Ransmayer, exemplified in interpretations of the most important works of the time.

Never was the connection between Austrian identity and Austrian literature as evident as after 1945. And no one has been more able to clearly illustrate the correlation between literature and socio-cultural and political conditions as Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler. With “Bruchlinien”, he coined a term that brings Austria’s post-War literature, its developments and its struggles to the point. And he has left us a work that succeeds in demonstrating how passionate and lively literature can be discussed and pondered: enthusiastic and enthusing.
The re-edition of “Bruchlinien” is the first of two volumes of Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler’s famous lectures on contemporary Austrian literature.

Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler , born 1942, studied Classic Philology and German studies and published numerous books on Austrian literature from the 20th century, a.o. on Johann Nestroy, Ernst Jandl and Albert Drach. He was the editor of the works of Heimito von Doderer, Thomas Bernhard and many more. He was head of the department of German studies at the University of Vienna and head of the Literary Archives of the Austrian National Library. He received several awards, among them the “Staatspreis für Literaturkritik” 1994 and “Wissenschaftler des Jahres 2007”. Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler passed away on September 7, 2008.


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