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304 pages
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ISBN: 9783701731671
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published in Februar 2010

Wilhelm Dietl

Shadow Armies
Intelligence agencies in the Islamic world

State terrorism and its executors: the best-selling author on Islamic intelligence agencies.

They are among the most dangerous underground organizations in the world. In a constant state of war, the intelligence agencies of Middle Eastern countries operate unscrupulous and beyond the law. Their operations have increasingly brought them to Europe, where they pose a serious threat to security. They utilize varying terror groups to attain their political goals with brutal violence. When they forge alliances with the West, they torture and kill on behalf of democracies.

Best-selling author Wilhelm Dietl is the first to describe the hidden structures and most spectacular operations of Islamic intelligence agencies. After many trips to the Middle East and numerous conversations with insiders, investigators and rival agencies, Dietl describes the agencies’ involvement in activities ranging from organized crime to prohibited nuclear technology and sheds light on the gray area of collaboration with Western partners.

Wilhelm Dietl, born 1955, works as a freelance journalist (a.o. for “Der Spiegel”, “stern” and “Focus”) and has authored numerous critically acclaimed books on the subjects Middle East, South Asia, intelligence agencies and terrorism. His two most recent books deal with the inner structure and workings of the German Federal Intelligence Service, which he belonged to for many years: “Deckname Dali” (2007) and “Staatsgeheimnis” (2009).


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