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96 pages
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ISBN: 9783701715480

published in August 2010

Burkhard Spinnen

Reading Away
A Litany

Readings at schools are like away games: defeat must be expected.

When an author holds a reading of his books in a house of literature, a bookstore, a public library, it’s a home game for literature. The audience is full of experts and connoisseurs. Schools are the opposite: the reader steps onto difficult terrain. Bringing literature to school is like playing an away game. Defeat must be expected. Then again, games won away count double. In other words, school is a place where literature can create a life-long impact.

Burkhard Spinnen recounts experiences from readings at schools. In “Reading Away” he describes the events at his readings. In his observations the author also takes the time to ponder what function literature should have at school and what role it plays today. A pointedly vivid book on the reality of the pedagogical province beyond the Pisa study.

Burkhard Spinnen was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany, in 1956. He studied German Language and Literature, Journalism and Sociology and worked as an academic assistant at the institute for German studies at the University of Münster. Since 1996 he has been working as a freelance author based in Münster and has received numerous literary awards. His most recent publications include “Mehrkampf” (The All Rounder) (2007) and “Müller hoch Drei” (Müller to the Third Power) (2009).


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