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416 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 22,90 / sFr 38,90

ISBN: 9783701715541
ISBN ebook: 978-3-7017-42

published in August 2010

O. P. Zier

Murder Sonata

Where is the child prodigy? In the shadow of Mozart, even murder becomes art.

Birgit has disappeared: The ten year-old musical prodigy is abducted in Salzburg, right under Mozart’s eyes, so to speak. This happens just when she is supposed to compete in the finals of an international piano competition after beating her friend Anja, daughter of a respectable family, in the semi-finals. Her friend’s father, manager of the state’s largest energy corporation, political lackey and pawn declared fair game in the local political scene, is definitely keen on seeing his daughter make a quick career. His ambition catches the attention of chief inspector Laber, who, struggling to solve his first case, must find his place in an intricate web of power and music, beauty and cruelty.

From one day to the next, fingers in the city start pointing in several directions – to the murderer as well? All the while, Mozart silently weeps on his pedestal: full of anger, but also full of laughter and ardor for this book.

O.P. Zier , born in 1954, raised in Lend (Salzburg), free writer in St. Johann. Numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, works for radio and TV. Several novels, among them Schonzeit (Close Season), Himmelfahrt (Ascension) and Tote Saison (Dead Season).


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