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Rights sold: Swedish

288 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 37,50

ISBN: 9783701715497
ISBN ebook: 9783701742097

published in August 2010

Angelika Reitzer

In private

A family saga without a family, told exhilaratingly clear and touchingly sober.

It all begins with a family reunion, which is in fact a farewell party: Clarissa’s parents are dropping out – out of their kids’ lives as well. Clarissa and the others are all in the prime of their lives, but only sort of and somehow. They are searching for their place in life in ever-changing circumstances, between one project and the next, with little results other than an unstable network of contacts and relationships. Precarious ensembles.

Of course, stable family life is also an option for her – in a house that friends have just inherited. She can have a room in the basement, for now, as long as she wants to stay. But one day she leaves, drops out, as if she was never involved in her life and the life of those surrounding her.

A broad panorama of a present time marked by new living and working conditions, in which everything is temporary. And this novel hits its nerve.

Angelika Reitzer was born in Graz in 1971. She lives and works as an author in Vienna. Numerous awards include, a.o., the manuskripte promotion prize, Hermann-Lenz-Grant 2007, Robert-Musil-Grant 2008, Reinhard-Priessnitz-Prize 2008. Her first novel, “Taghelle Gegend” (Daylight Region) (2007) was nominated for the aspekte literary prize. Her most recent novel is “Frauen in Vasen” (Women in Vases) (2008).


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