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ISBN: 9783701731893
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published in Oktober 2010

Wolfgang Petritsch

Bruno Kreisky
The Biography

An extensive biography honoring the 100th birthday of the legendary Austrian politician!

Creativity, the willingness to change things – and the grouchy humor he was known for: Kreisky’s multifaceted personality was reflected in his unusual life. The open-minded intellectual was a key figure in the political and economic rise of postwar Austria. As Federal Chancellor (1970-1983), he implemented fundamental reforms as well as long overdue modernizations, thus helping the SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria) become one of the most successful social democratic parties in Western Europe. Willy Brandt was a close friend. Kreisky was a mediator between East and West, a global political player. A smart analyst who also had the talent of connecting with everyday people.

This biography is based on the author’s decade-long engagement with the Kreisky phenomenon, including information from hitherto unknown sources. Wolfgang Petritsch held numerous interviews with international contemporaries as well as private friends to complete the dazzling image of this impressive personality.

Wolfgang Petritsch was born 1947 in Klagenfurt and was Chancellor Bruno Kreisky’s personal secretary between 1977 and 1983. In 1997 he was appointed Austrian Ambassador in Belgrade and was EU Chief Negotiator during Kosovo peace talks in 1999. Between 1999 and 2002, he served as the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2008 he is the Austrian Ambassador to OECD. He has published several works and has received numerous awards.


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