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376 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701732067

published in September 2010

Johannes Voggenhuber

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Orating against Gravity

A politician with an image, a rebel as orator: passionate, fervent, vehement

Johannes Voggenhuber is an exceptional political orator. For him, rhetoric is an instrument essential in dealing with the world’s contemporary conflicts and main concerns: democracy on all levels of governing, the social structure of modern societies, Europe’s unity. Whether as a city’s politician, in the federal government or as a member of the European parliament, he has always fought passionately for his cause. Consequently, he has achieved and changed a lot in the city he comes from, in his country and in Europe.

This book shows him as a vehement proponent, an energetic opponent and as one who is never indifferent.

Johannes Voggenhuber
Born in Salzburg in 1950, politically active in Salzburg from 1977 to 1987, city council until 1987. Cofounder of the Green Party in Austria, as of 1988 their federal whip, as of 1990 delegate of the National Assembly of Austria. In 1995 he transfers to the European parliament where he represents the Green Party until 2009. He was also a member of the convent for the European Fundamental Rights Charter, and the convent for the European Constitutional Treaty. He lives in Vienna and Salzburg.


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