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408 pages
Format 165x240 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701732029

published in Februar 2011

Reinhold Kubik
Helmut Brenner

Mahler’s World
The sites of his life

A biography written in places honoring the 100th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Life first led Gustav Mahler from Bohemia to Vienna, where he would become one of the most famous composers and conductors of his time. Further stations were Ljubljana, Olomouc, Kassel, Prague, Budapest, Leipzig and Hamburg. Both his working and private life allowed him to travel to Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, the countries of the Danube Monarchy, Russia, Italy, Great Britain and the USA.

Based on photographs, sketches, letters, memories and registration documents, the authors were the first to fully reconstruct all the places that marked the life of the musician. This included retracing all of Mahler’s home addresses, all music institutions he played at as well as the places he visited – with friends and family, to compose and be alone.

The topography at hand uses texts and images to shed new light on Mahler’s life between the “Gründerzeit” era (Founding Years) and Modernism, in both the Old and New World.

Helmut Brenner, born 1948 in Neuss, is the editor of the German edition of Mahler’s family letters (2006) and co-author, alongside R. Kubik, of the essay “Gustav Mahlers Wien – Eine Spurensuche” (Gustav Mahler’s Vienna – a tracing) for the catalog accompanying the exhibition “Gustav Mahler and Vienna” at the Austrian Theatre Museum (2010). He lives in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany.

Reinhold Kubik, born 1942 in Vienna, is a pianist, accompanist and composer, chief editor of Gustav Mahler’s collected works as well as curator of the exhibitions “Mahlerania” at the Jewish Museum Vienna (2005) and “Gustav Mahler and Vienna” at the Austrian Theatre Museum (2010). He is vice-president of the International Gustav Mahler Society ( He lives in Vienna.


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