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128 pages
Format 245x290 Klappenbroschur
EUR 24,90 / sFr 41,90

ISBN: 9783701732210

published in Juli 2010

Hermann Nitsch

Masterpieces of the Duerckheim Collection

This private art collection includes a very significant Nitsch section featuring more than one hundred
works. It will, in this form, be shown in public for the first time.

The main paintings of the Duerckheim Collection show how Nitsch changes from red to a broader and renewed spectrum of colours. He created a philosophy of colours, his own colour doctrine, which also became part of the idea underlying his “Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries”. New sensory impressions made him focus his attention on a special and unique form of the colour harmony that has since become a characteristic feature of his highly individual approach to colouring, in conjunction with the almost archaic symbolism expressed by his choice of colours. By these means, Nitsch links mythological and metaphysical patterns with the realistic action of the “Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries”.


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