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144 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 30,50

ISBN: 9783701732333

published in Februar 2011

Wolfram Siebeck

Wolfram Siebeck travelling the road of good food
Culinary adventures

A delicious read for adventurous gourmets

Gourmet guru Wolfram Siebeck, known as the ultimate judge of taste, is either loved or hated. He despises German cuisine, but loves Austrian food and is infamous for always sporting red socks. His career began as a painter of advertising signs. Then he studied commercial graphic design, became a press illustrator for “WAZ” and eventually began writing film and theater reviews. During a trip to France in 1950, Siebeck passion for fine cuisine was awakened. His culinary columns are (in)famous for their sharp humor and his restaurant reviews are feared. His new book is a compendium of his best stories about what he basically does all the time: traveling and eating. When Wolfram Siebeck eats, he is usually on the road. We follow him to Japan for sushi, learn about cheese maggots in France and fly up and away for a picnic in a hot air balloon in Munich. This book is the ultimate gift for gourmets!

Wolfram Siebeck was born in 1928 in Duisburg and lives in Mahlberg Castle in the Black Forest. Next to working as a restaurant critic and author, Siebeck has written culinary columns for magazines and newspapers since 1958, among them “stern”, “DIE ZEIT”, “Feinschmecker” and “ZeitMagazin Leben”. His most recent publications include “Die Deutschen und Ihre Küche” (2007), “Das Kochbuch der verpönten Küche” (2008) and “Siebecks Seitenhiebe. Aus dem Leben eines Berufsessers” (2008).


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