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112 pages
Format 130x175 Hardcover
EUR 14,90 / sFr 21,90

ISBN: 9783701715794

published in September 2011

Petra Rainer (Fotografin)
Christine Haiden

Wonderfully wise
Life experiences of centenarians

Reaching the age of 100 is the dream of many people. What is life like when you have actually grown so old?

Christine Haiden and Petra Rainer asked the centenarians themselves. These well-aged men and women have lived through an eventful century, each from their own, unmistakable point of view: Alice Herz-Sommer, for example, personally Franz Kafka knew and later survived the concentration camp Theresienstadt with her daughter; Count Lothar von Sternbach, a confident South Tyrolean, refused to vote for the option of Nazi Germany; Renate Brausewetter was once a silent film star.

This book is a collection of their thoughts on growing old and the future, god and justice, happiness and beliefs, friends and enjoyment, life and love. A great gift for all those who enjoy the miracle of life.

Christine Haiden, born 1962, is editor in chief of the magazine \"Welt der Frau\".

Petra Rainer, born 1973, studied photography in Vienna. She particularly likes to take photos of people in their own surroundings.


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