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200 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 28,90

ISBN: 9783701732463

published in März 2012

Bernhard Flieher (Herausgeber)

Become better at failure
Conversations on success

Are you successful at failure? You can do even better than that!

Every success has its story, most often a story of failure. Whoever speaks of success must also speak about failure. That is what Bernhard Flieher does in this book. He has conversations with different people from sports, politics, the business world and the arts who are known and admired for their exceptional achievements. They include Reinhold Messner, Josef Hader, Peter Handke, Toni Innauer, Udo Jürgens and many more. The personalities featured in this book are all well aware of their success, but they also know that they were only able to get so far because of a certain experience we all make – the experience of failing.

And so the conversations joined together in this book are full of surprising insights and personal accounts. They encourage us to do a better job at evaluating the success we experience on a daily basis, whether in our jobs or our personal lives. We ought to perceive failure as something that helps us move forward and encourages us to become better at failing next time.

Bernhard Flieher, born in 1969 in Schärding, lives in Salzburg. Since 1992 he works as culture journalist and columnist for the “Salzburger Nachrichten”. Publications with themes pop culture and music in various newspaper and magazines in Austria and abroad.


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