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160 pages
Format 210x230 Hardcover
EUR 29,90 / sFr 41,90

ISBN: 9783701732364

published in September 2011

Petra Rainer
Christine Haiden

Conversations on life together

Love has many faces… every couple is a miracle in itself!

Every couple has its special story: Iny and Elmar Lorentz write bestsellers together (“Die Wanderhure”) and go on reading tours in their caravan, while extreme mountain climber Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and her husband Ralf Dujmovits enjoy the thrill of danger. Christl and Rupert Neudeck (“Cap Anamur”) are both living the dream of a better world, while author Peter Turrini and his wife Silvia Hassler have decided to live in separate houses in two different villages. Others are separated or connected by large differences in age or different religions. One couple got married twice, another found happiness after gender reassignment. Eva Maria and Wolfram Zurhorst, the authors of ”Liebe dich selbst und es ist egal wen du heiratest”, recount borderline experiences they’ve had to face in their relationship.

Twenty special couples contemplate what makes them stick together and what really counts. They are captured in wonderful photographs taken by Petra Rainer.

Christine Haiden, born 1962, is editor in chief of the magazine \"Welt der Frau\".

Petra Rainer, born 1973, studied photography in Vienna. She particularly likes to take photos of people in their own surroundings.


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