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240 pages
Format 165x190 Hardcover
EUR 24,90 / sFr 35,90

ISBN: 9783701732517

published in Oktober 2011

Johannes Hradecny
Andrea Karrer

Ms. Johanna’s Biedermeier cookbook

Filet Napoleon and Kapuziner-Strudel: personal kitchen secrets from Ms. Johanna

Handwritten and handed down through the years, this cookbook is a small treasure: Started in 1845 and bound in leather, this book has been passed on for several generations. It includes more than 100 recipes for soups and side dishes, meat, venison and fish, different sauces and dreamy desserts. With meticulous instructions on how to prepare them, these traditional family recipes from the Biedermeier era prove their practical value as well as the art of handing down traditional Austrian cuisine from mother to daughter and preserving a family treasure throughout many generations. Andrea Karrer adds new variations to the traditional recipes, making it easy to adapt and refine meals from old times with modern cooking techniques. Drawing from her own family tradition, she also recounts kitchen secrets from a time long gone.

Travel back in time with this culinary adventure!

Andrea Karrer , born in 1963, is a versatile ambassador of Austrian culinary traditions. She has a weekly radio show, writes newspaper columns, works with Austrian chef Christian Petz, appears on TV, writes wonderfully tempting cookbooks - and all these activities express her true passion: cooking.


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