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Rights sold: Paperback (German)

272 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 31,90

ISBN: 9783701715886
ISBN ebook: 9783701742851

published in Februar 2012

Erika Pluhar

In time’s shadow

The life journey of a remarkable young woman in a century full of extremes: a touching, powerfully eloquent and vivid novel.

“Anna was born in Vienna on December 3, 1909, as the second eldest of the four daughters of glass painting master Franz Goetzer.” This is the laconic beginning of Erika Pluhar’s new novel. It tells the story of a highly talented woman who studies at the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts between the two World Wars and dreams of leading a self-determined life. However, her emigration to Brazil, her marriage and most of all, the early stages of Nazi fascism keep her from fulfilling her lifelong dream for many years. Erika Pluhar paints an empathetic and insightful picture of the hopes, desires and fears that Anna feels as a young woman coming of age in a century full of political extremes. Austria, Brazil, Germany and Poland are stations in a life that takes several unexpected turns.

Erika Pluhar has been working as an actress at the Burgtheater Vienna since her studies at the Maw-Reinhard-Seminar until 1999. She writes and interprets songs, shoots movies and is author of several books. 2009 she was awarded the "Ehrenpreis des Österreichischen Buchhandels für Toleranz in Denken und Handeln".


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