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250 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 31,90

ISBN: 9783701715800
ISBN ebook: 9783701742806

published in März 2012

Manfred Wieninger

223 or The collatoral

A small-town policeman faces a mountain of corpses: this is not a regular crime novel

In late April 1945 hundreds of Jewish forced laborers from Hungary on the death trail heading to Mauthausen end up in a refugee camp in Persenbeug on the Danube. The frontlines both east and west are as close as the end of the war. The Second Republic has already been proclaimed in nearby Vienna and Adolf Hitler is already dead when a motorized SS taskforce covertly attacks the camp and massacres 223 people in a bloodbath. Hardly anybody admits to having seen or heard anything, but inspector Franz Winkler, a Deputy Commander left to his own devices in this remote town, begins to investigate. He risks his head to save his skin. Will he manage to save the nine survivors of the massacre?

Manfred Wieninger documents one of the most extraordinary criminal cases in Austrian history while maintaining a fine balance between historical report and fictitious elements. He turns history into a story, in which the victims are no longer nameless.

Manfred Wieninger was born 1963 in St Pölten, Lower Austria, where he lives and works to this day. He studied German Studies and Education Science. His work includes essays and reports for periodicals such as Literatur und Kritik, Wiener Zeitung, Datum, etc. He has also published collections, including “Das Dunkle und das Kalte. Reportagen aus den Tiefen Niederösterreichs” (The dark and the cold. Reports from the depths of Lower Austria) (2011). His series of crime novels featuring inspector Marek Miert has been published by Rowohlt and Haymon, the most recent is “Prinzessin Rauschkind” (Princess Rauschkind) (2010).


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