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256 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 31,90

ISBN: 9783701715824
ISBN ebook: 9783701742813

published in Februar 2012

Hannelore Valencak

Noah’s caves

The end of the world is near once again. Be prepared! Read this book!

The end of the world isn’t picky. But what if you survive? Just like Martina and her little brother who are saved from the flaming inferno by a young stranger. They meet other survivors, an old man and his granddaughter, with whom they flee to the next valley. Does life end here or does it begin anew? The world beyond the mountains is dead, burnt, buried in toxic dust. What is left after the disaster is barely enough for survival, just enough for life in a cave. After they get settled in they start waiting – but for what? There is no saving ark in sight. The old man surly doesn’t believe in the future. A struggle begins – for survival, for hope, for remaining human.

Hannelore Valencak creates gloomy scenarios to illustrate the world after the end of the world: even more radical than Marlen Haushofer’s “The Wall” and more relentless than Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.

Hannelore Valencak, born 1929 in Donawitz in Styria, was trained as a physicist. She worked as a metallurgist for a Styrian steel plant and from 1962 onwards as a patent administrator in Vienna. She began writing poetry and fiction as a freelance author in 1975 and has published five novels as well as several books for young readers. Hannelore Valencak died in 2004 in Vienna. “Das Fenster zum Sommer” (“Summer Window”), originally published in 1967 under the title “Zuflucht hinter der Zeit” (Refuge behind time), was turned into a motion picture starring Nina Hoss in 2011. “Die Höhlen Noahs”, her first novel, was originally published in 1961.


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