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160 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 28,90

ISBN: 9783701715855
ISBN ebook: 9783701742837

published in Februar 2012

Peter Henisch

Dreaming of becoming a Native American
How Franz Kafka met Karl May but still didn’t end up in America

Karl May met Franz Kafka on a ship to the United States. Fact or a brilliant piece of fiction?

In his mind, the adventure author Karl May visited the United States a million times. But it is not until September 1908 that the 66 year-old, accompanied by his second wife, Klara, actually boards ship to New York in Bremerhaven. As fate will have it, Karl May meets the famous Franz Kafka on board. The very gaunt and very pale young man is standing at the railing. God forbid, is he about to throw himself into the sea? Who else but Karl May and his much younger wife could save him for the sake of life and literature? The ensuing love triangle completes the ingredients to this great story.

Peter Henisch’s novel is a hilarious fantasy, an intimate novel settled somewhere between fact and fiction. With lightness, yet lots of sensitivity he succeeds in joining what we were drilled to keep apart from an early age: Franz Kafka vs. Karl May, high vs. low culture, living a lie vs. living in fear. It comes as no surprise that this book sends sparks flying!

Peter Henisch , born 1943 in Vienna, studied Philosophy, German Studies, History and Psychology. He is the co-founder, songwriter and singer of the band “Wiener Fleisch und Blut” (1975) and co-founder of the literary magazine “Wespennest”. Henisch has lived and worked as a free-floating author in Vienna, Lower Austria and Tuscany since 1971.

His first literary publication was “Hamlet bleibt” in 1971. In 1975 he published the novel “Die kleine Figur meines Vaters” (re-published by Resindenz Verlag in 2003) which has achieved cult status. In it Henisch deals with his father’s past as an official war photographer during the Nazi era. Most of his musical work is produced in cooperation with Woody Schabata and Hans Zinkl.

Henisch has been critically acclaimed and received numerous awards, among them the Anton-Wildgans Preis and the Literaturpreis der Stadt Wien. His novels “Die schwangere Madonna” (Residenz, 2005) and “Eine sehr kleine Frau” (2007) were both nominated for the Deutscher Buchpreis. Recent publications include “Messias” (2009) and "Großes Finale für Novak" (2011).


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