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216 pages
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ISBN: 9783701732449
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published in August 2012

Hans-Dieter Otto

Missed victories
Tragic defeats in Austria’s military history

Military mishaps and mistakes

As the world power of its time, the Habsburg empire not only was the main defender against the Turks in the east, but, over the centuries, also fought various alliances attacking in the west. For a long time, the Austrian army was counted among the world’s most powerful, and acclaimed commanders such as Prince Eugene of Savoy or Count Leopold von Daun were victorious on many battlefields – and horribly defeated on others. Glorious victories were achieved under the Austro-Hungarian flag, but there were also military mishaps, serious blunders and blatant misjudgements which turned the tides in a battle or even decided the outcome of a war. These are the stories told in this book.
In fascinating case studies, Hans-Dieter Otto analyses the reasons for these mistakes and introduces the reader to captivating chapters in Austria’s military history.

Hans-Dieter Otto, born in 1937 in Berlin, lives as a jurist and non-fiction author in Ahrensburg, Germany. His “Lexikon der Justizirrtümer” (Encyclopedia of Errors of Justice, 2003) was an Austrian bestseller and was followed by a book on miscarriages of justice in murder cases (“Im Namen des Irrtums: Fehlurteile in Mordprozessen”, 2006) and another one on murders that remained unpunished (“Lexikon der ungesühnten Morde”, 2007). His interest in the country’s military history led to books such as “Lexikon der militärischen Irrtümer“ (Encyclopedia of Military Errors, 2004) und „Verblüffende Siege: Die größten Überraschungscoups der Kriegsgeschichte (Surprising Victories: War History’s Greatest Coups, 2010)“.


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