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256 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 29,90

ISBN: 9783701733019
ISBN ebook: 9783701743360

published in April 2013

Gudula Walterskirchen

Little Franz was a bit mischievous
Court ladies from the House of Habsburg tell their stories

From Maria Theresia to Empress Zita: an up-close look at the Habsburgs’ private lives

Discretion was one of the highest maxims at the Habsburg court. It was only in private letters and journal entries that the ladies of the court revealed personal details of the imperial family’s daily life: their scandals, festivities, joy and sorrow. The most fascinating excerpts are compiled in this book, including Louise von Sturmfeder’s descriptions of “her prince’s” childhood pranks (he would later become emperor Franz Joseph) and personal accounts by Irma Sztáray and Therese Fürstenberg, who were two of empress Sisi’s closest confidantes.

Gudula Walterskirchen did extensive research in family archives and discovered these previously unknown treasures allowing deep insight into the personal lives of the Habsburg family. These vivid accounts breathe new life into the long gone era of Imperial Austria.

Gudula Walterskirchen, born 1967, studied history and art history in Graz and Vienna. The historian and freelance journalist was an editor for politics at the daily newspaper “Die Presse” and is the author of numerous works of non-fiction, satire and fiction. The history of Austrian nobility has been her specialty for many years; her most recent publication on the subject is “Adel in Österreich heute” (2007).


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