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220 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 21,90 / sFr 30,70

ISBN: 9783701716128
ISBN ebook: 9783701743605

published in August 2013

Tanja Maljartschuk

Biography of a miracle by chance

Fierce and flippant: a book you won't easily forget!

Lena was born into a world that is arbitrary and violent. The girl learns to cope with life’s hardships life with wit, persistence and a great deal of courage. She also tries to help others: the kindergarten teacher, homeless dogs that are supposed to be sold to a Chinese restaurant, discus thrower Wassylyna, and her friend, Dog, who lost her legs to frostbite. On her search for a ‘miracle by chance’ – a kind of flying female super hero who is said to turn up wherever help is needed the most – Lena manages to conquer the challenges she faces.

Tanja Maljartschuk’s book is a masterpiece of dark and gruesome humor – a book you won’t forget!

Tanja Maljartschuk, born in 1983 in Iwano-Frankiwsk, Ukraine. After finishing her studies of Philosophy at the Prykarpattia National University she started working as a journalist for TV. Since 2011 she is living in Vienna. 2009, her first book - a collection of short stories - has been published in German language ("Neunprozentiger Haushaltsessig"). "Biografie eines zufälligen Wunders" is her first novel.


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