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208 pages
Format 248x190 Hardcover
EUR 24,90 / sFr 34,60

ISBN: 9783701733200

published in Oktober 2013

Roman Klauser

Cooking Celebration

There’s always a reason to celebrate!

Roman Klauser’s kitchen unites high quality regional products with the joy of cooking and eating: it’s simply mouth-watering! Austria’s most booked cook shows how to prepare an uncomplicated, yet festive meal with simple ingredients in your own kitchen. Master of the grill Klauser also pays special attention to al fresco dining and BBQ. Cooking Celebration offers down to earth, delicious recipes with seasonal ingredients for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is highlighted with a festive, multiple course meal.
The ideal cookbook for anyone who likes to share the joy of cooking and knows how to celebrate life!

Roman Klauser, born 1978 in St. Pölten, lives in Rabenstein/Pielach in Lower Austria. Since his training as a cook at Alpenhotel Gösing he has been collecting experience in Austria and abroad. He has received several awards, especially for his mastery of the grill. He has been successfully touring Austria with his company “rent the cook” since 2005.


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