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364 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701732975
ISBN ebook: 9783701744602

published in Juni 2014

Andreas Heusler

Lion Feuchtwänger.
The biography.

The life story of the successful author and influential intellectual

Lion Feuchtwänger, world-famous author of "Jud Süß" and "Erfolg" was one of the most eminent thinkers of his time. He deeply influenced the style of theater and literature. He maintained political composure and consciousness when faced with atrocious historical events and never lost his humanity, even when his existence was threatened. Born 1884 in Munich, the Jewish intellectual was one of the first to warn of the impending danger of the Nazis. While in exile in France and the USA, he was a continuous source of support for others. Deep friendships connected him to others who had to escape, including Arnold Zweig, Bertolt Brecht and Heinrich Mann.
This biography of the remarkable Lion Feuchtwänger teaches us many valuable lessons.

Andreas Heusler, born 1960 in Calw, studied History and Political Science in Munich and Tübingen. Since 1994, he has been head of the department for Contemporary History and Jewish History at Munich's city archive. His most recent publication is "Das Braune Haus. Wie München zur 'Hauptstadt der Bewegung' wurde." (2008).


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