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304 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701716258
ISBN ebook: 9783701744770

published in August 2014

Klaus Oppitz

Emigration Day

Klaus Oppitz and the Round Table

Fleeing from it all!

Austria in the not too distant future: right-wing populist Michael Hichl has just begun his third term as prime minister; the country is not only free of foreigners, it is in recession, isolated internationally and crippled by inflation and unemployment. In search of a brighter future, the Putschek family emigrate to what is now one of the richest EU countries, Turkey. On their eventful journey, the Putscheks meet Burgenland racketeers, authentic Arian Hungarians, shady people-traffickers, and politically persecuted Carinthians, finally landing in an Istanbul refugee centre. It is very hard to integrate, however, when a member of the family is slowly losing their mind.

Klaus Oppitz was born in 1971 and has published short stories in various anthologies and literary magazines. He has worked as a copy writer and director, and writes for television and theatre. He co-wrote "Wir sind Kaiser" with Rudi Roubinek and Robert Palfrader, and is the main author of Emigration Day.

The Round Table consists of Klaus Oppitz, Rudi Roubinek, Mike Bernard and Gerald Fleischhacker. The other knights of the Round Table assisted the creation of Emigration Day with wordplay, tips and feedback. The four have pooled their diverse talents and with their combined strength have become leading writers on the Austrian comedy scene.


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