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272 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 22,90 / sFr 31,80

ISBN: 9783701716364
ISBN ebook: 9783701744794

published in September 2014

Elisabeth Klar

In the Woods

Two sisters in a house at the edge of the woods: more than enough ingredients for power games at the boundaries of the forbidden.

Karin lives with her boyfriend Alexander in a house by the woods. Her foster-sister Lisa once lived there too, along with her parents August and Inge, sister Margarethe and brother Peter. Back then Karin and Lisa were happy; they grew as fast as the brambles, dived to the bottom of the lake hand in hand, and hid in the tiny caves formed by tree roots. Then something happened; August died and the foster child was banished. Years later Karin fetches Lisa back, and the two women become entangled in a game as destructive as it is seductive, sucked into a whirlpool of addiction, attraction and repulsion which holds us enthralled till the final page.

Elisabeth Klar was born 1986 in Vienna and studied comparative literature and transcultural communication. Together with Susanne Müller she runs the Literaturwerkstatt Wien (Vienna literature workshop). She has won many prizes for her short stories: first prize in the European literature competition of the Jugend-Literatur Werkstatt Graz (2004), third prize in the erophil competition (2011), Stipendium Werkstatt für junge Literatur (bursary to attend the new literature workshop, 2012), and finalist in the FM4 Wortlaut competition (2013). In the Woods is her first novel.


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