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304 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
EUR 24,90 / sFr 34,60

ISBN: 9783701733385
ISBN ebook: 9783701744879

published in September 2014

Beatrix Meyer
Gudula Walterskirchen

Countess Marie Festetics’ Diary
Empress Elisabeth’s Closest Friend

An insight into the empress’ character; politics and intrigue at the Vienna court

The bosom friend of ‘Sisi’, Empress Elisabeth, the highly intelligent, highly attractive aristocrat Marie Festetics, wrote a detailed diary over many years. This sensational source text is finally available in full. Over more than 2000 pages, Festetics provides a no-holes-barred description of life at the imperial court, with all its intrigues – mainly against the empress she so admired. Countess Festetics analyses Sisi’s character and describes her changing emotions and her relationship with Emperor Franz Joseph. She makes razor-sharp judgements of the extended Imperial family and the significant figures of her time. A fascinating journal!

Gudula Walterskirchen, born 1967, studied history and art history in Graz and Vienna. The historian and freelance journalist was an editor for politics at the daily newspaper “Die Presse” and is the author of numerous works of non-fiction, satire and fiction. The history of Austrian nobility has been her specialty for many years; her most recent publication on the subject is “Adel in Österreich heute” (2007), "Der Franzi war ein wenig unartig" (2013) und "Das Tagebuch der Gräfin Marie Festetics" (2014).

Beatrix Meyer was born in 1973 and studied German literature and history in Pécs, Hungary, and Erlangen, Germany. Hungarian by birth, she worked for many years teaching German as a foreign language. Following her move to Germany she immersed herself in the family history of Countess Festetics. In close co-operation with Hungarian museum curators she has revealed the previously un-researched history of this fascinating court figure and her family.


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