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328 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
EUR 24,90 / sFr 34,60

ISBN: 9783701732005
ISBN ebook: 9783701744886

published in Oktober 2014

Verena Moritz
Hannes Leidinger

The Habsburgs’ Dirty War
An Analysis of Austro-Hungarian Warfare 1914-1918

co-authors: Karin Moser and Wolfram Dornik

A ruthless assessment of the empire’s military conduct during World War I by acclaimed Austrian historians

New research on the darkest chapter of World War I: the authors examine the strategies and calculations employed by the Habsburg ruling elite. They show how the war, which began with the main aim of destroying Serbia, was allowed to get out of hand, with no consideration of the losses. And what happened in the zones occupied by the Imperial armies? Were Austro-Hungarian forces responsible for war crimes?

This book sheds a shocking light on chains of command, prejudices, and escalating violence towards suspects, civilians and ‘administrated masses’. A disturbing panorama of the Habsburg Empire’s path to downfall.

Verena Moritz / Hannes Leidinger, both born in 1969, historians, published numerous scientific articles concerning the history of Middle- and Eastern Europe, awarded with many Science-Awards.


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