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360 pages
Format 125x205
EUR 22,90 / sFr 31,80

ISBN: 9783701716425
ISBN ebook: 9783701744978

published in Januar 2015

O. P. Zier

Accomplices to Happiness

The story of the unusual Wirring family is a hymn to freedom, rebellion and anarchy.

Just like the famous Gallic village the Wirring’s old farmhouse defies the surrounding concrete apartment blocks in Salzburg. For the narrow-minded neighbourhoods it’s a thorn in their side, but for the shameless everyday anarchy of the four family members, it offers a reliable home: Claudia, campaigner for environmental and social renewal, Werner, former advertising guru and now life scientist, grandfather Peter, called Pete Wire, rock musician, and son Rolf, who tries to make sense of it all. That is until the day a terminally ill man stands in the doorway claiming to be an illegitimate child produced from an encounter between their rock star grandpa and a waitress…and with this he sets a turbulent family story spanning three decades in motion.

O.P. Zier , born in 1954, raised in Lend (Salzburg), free writer in St. Johann. Numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, works for radio and TV. Several novels, among them Schonzeit (Close Season), Himmelfahrt (Ascension), Tote Saison (Dead Season) and Mordsonate (Murder Sonata).


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