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216 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 27,90

ISBN: 9783701733217

published in Februar 2015

Hans-Dieter Otto

Above Us Only Sky?
The Biggest Natural Disasters in Human History

Otto describes a cruel reality that surpasses all fiction.

Hans-Dieter Otto tells of the worst disasters in human history from antiquity to the present day: from massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, huge storms and cyclones, which humans seem just as unprepared for as famine and devastating epidemics. Is there really no heaven watching over us? This book describes what the accidents meant for each affected civilization; the many that perished and the ones who managed to return to normal. A readable, shattering kaleidoscope through suffering and misery and the terrible helplessness of man.

Hans-Dieter Otto, born in 1937 in Berlin, is a lawyer and non-fiction author who lives in Ahrensburg. His "Encyclopedia of Miscarriages of Justice" (2003) became a bestseller, followed by "In the name of Error: Errors of Judgment in Murder Trials" (2006), "Encyclopedia of Unpunished Killings" (2007). His hobby, military history, was reflected in the publication "Missed Victories. Tragic Loss in the Austrian History of War "(2012). In "Above Us Only Sky?" (2015) he focuses on the worst natural disasters in human history.


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