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200 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 25,30

ISBN: 9783701716463
ISBN ebook: 9783701745180

published in Juli 2015

Petra Hartlieb (Herausgeberin)

Bunfights – Birthday Stories

Dammed if you celebrate, dammed if you don't

Love them or not, birthdays are unavoidable, not only ours but our uncles and aunts, parents and lovers, grandmas and grandpas, friends who don’t want to get older and children who can’t wait to. This book even considers people who flee to the ends of the earth (or the next bar) at the mere mention of a birthday party, as well as the chosen few with birthdays on 29 February, 1 May or New Year’s Eve or people already reborn a few times. Twenty-five contemporary authors have brought gifts: unusual, touching and unbelievable ‘birthday presents’. Reason enough to celebrate.

Petra Hartlieb was born 1967 in Munich and grew up in northern Austria. She studied psychology and history in Vienna and has worked as a press officer and literary critic there and in Hamburg. In 2004 she opened a bookshop in Vienna with her husband. Together with Claus-Ulrich Bielefeld she has written a series of crime novels and in 2014 her bestseller “Meine wundervolle Buchhandlung” (“My Wonderful Bookstore”).

With short stories by Polly Adler, Ela Angerer, Bettina Baláka, Ruth Cerha, Friedrich Dönhoff, Petra Hartlieb, Monika Held, Peter Henisch, Wolfgang Hermann, Margarita Kinstner, Elisabeth Klar, Edith Kneifl, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Heidi List, Klaus Nüchtern, Klaus Oppitz, Kurt Palm, Verena Petrasch, Eva Rossmann, Tex Rubinowitz, David Schalko, Susanne Scholl, Dirk Stermann, Cornelia Travnicek, Anna Weidenholzer and lyrics by the band Gustav.


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